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Expenses: Belize Revisited

Oct 3, 2016

During our second foray to Belize, precipitated by the need for four new tires, we managed to spend $ 2,777.65, $102.88 per day, over 27 days. Ironically, these numbers are eerily close to our previous visit , being inflated this time due to the...

Keyport Slide 2.0

Sep 24, 2016
in: Gear

We were told about the Keyport Slide by a friend and fellow van traveler, Claude-Alain, at a Ujoint campout. We were having a casual discussion about the number of keys we had to carry for all of our various locks, which prompted the mention. I...

Pan-Am Planning - Basics

Sep 19, 2016

While we spent a fair amount of time looking into the Pan-American before we set off, we have not included much of it in our blog under the assumption that the base information is already available. The recent repetition of questions on forums and...
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