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John and Mandi

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905 days a wanderin'

Perusing the Pacific, Costa Rica

Jul 28, 2017

Many times we have mentioned that the beaches of the pacific usually do not fit what we prefer. That does not mean we have stopped visiting them or that we do not appreciate their beauty. Our ideal beach consists of being able to get into the water...

Groove is in the Heart, Costa Rica

Jul 10, 2017

Sometimes a slow start is the best way to get back our mojo. Once we retrieved the van from storage we soon found ourselves in a stall. Our tentative plans with the Iveco shop fell through and while the Ford dealer was willing to gouge us on...

Vehicle Storage in Costa Rica

Jul 1, 2017

We needed to check the van into an Almacen Fiscal storage facility and suspend our vehicle temporary import permit (TIP) at the Aduana prior to flying home to the US, so we decided to stay at the Country Inn & Suites San Jose Aeropuerto for two...

Are We There Yet, Costa Rica

Jun 23, 2017

After almost two years traveling, we found ourselves in a bit of a funk...missing family and friends, the conveniences of house life, the mom and pop restaurant that greeted us by name, the honey from the beekeeper down the street, the smell our of...

Expenses: Florida Visit

Jun 19, 2017

Parking the van in Costa Rica and returning to Florida to visit friends and family was always part of our itinerary. While we didn't know when or for how long, the flexibility proved useful when our steering pump decided it had endured enough abuse...
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