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John and Mandi

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993 days a wanderin'

Expenses: Mexico & Central America

Sep 18, 2017

The two major disappointments with our travels through Mexico and Central America are: we did not die and we just missed averaging $75 per day, which is only consequential because we did not die. There is no point in continuing now, we are utter...

Expenses: Panama

Sep 14, 2017

The 37 days we spent exploring Panama set us back $3,134.60 or $84.72 per day. We were hoping to keep our daily average closer to $75 but we had been wanting a little retreat complete with A/C and getting ready to ship around the Darien Gap had us...

Have the Day You Have, Panama

Sep 10, 2017
in: Panama

The differences in countries are sometimes stark, other times subtle. Panama presented somewhat of an anomaly as it appeared to be both. Being animals, we constantly catch ourselves applying the categorical evaluation of experience. Attempting to...

Expenses: Costa Rica

Aug 8, 2017

One of the things we had heard many times was that Costa Rica was significantly more expensive than the other countries in Central America. While certain things did cost a lot more, especially vehicle parts, it was not as astronomical as we had been...

Perusing the Pacific, Costa Rica

Jul 28, 2017

Many times we have mentioned that the beaches of the pacific usually do not fit what we prefer. That does not mean we have stopped visiting them or that we do not appreciate their beauty. Our ideal beach consists of being able to get into the water...
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