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TapouT XT Day Ninety - Cardio XT

Apr 12, 2013
by John

We were hoping to glide into the finish line but with today being a Cardio XT day we knew that wasn't going to happen. However, that didn't dissuade us one bit. We both dug real deep and hammered out what we could and hung on through the rest. It may have been the knowledge that today was the last workout of our first round of TapouT XT, or that we were going out of town tomorrow for a one night get-away, whatever it was we both had a great workout. A big improvement for me was that I was doing slightly better than Monet, I'll take it.

I like the fact that Ultimate Abs chases Cardio XT. It's one of my favorites and it always gives me a chance to redeem myself. Today we both just hammered out the 15 minutes. Once again I was able to keep my legs extended during the one legged magnet crunches, sweet. Mandi was a champ all day, never missing a beat. I definitely had my ups and downs but finished out strong. We are both looking forward to having a couple of weeks off before starting round two.

Well, we booked a night in Apalachicola so we'll be heading that way tomorrow. That meant we had a bunch of things to get done so we wouldn't be too overwhelmed when we return home. We also invited a very close friend and her family so hopefully they'll be able to make it. I had some last minute work to do so Mandi spent most of the evening working on our other chores, including making those delicious Laura Balls so we'll have some healthy snacks. We'll need to run out in the morning and grab some ice and such but we're excited to be going to one of our favorite places, even if it's only for one night.

Daily Log

John Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff Brain Power Smoothie
Rotisserie Chicken, Coleslaw, Pecans, Green Smoothie, Grapefruit (1/2)
Rotisserie Chicken & Rutabaga Soup
Kombucha, Banana and Almonds Covered with Chocolate Chips and Coconut Milk
Calories 970 539 353 390 2252
Carbs (g)
45 34 26 47 152
Fat (g) 88 37 32 20 177
Protein (g) 16 26 26 7 75


Mandi Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff
Ham Wrapped Egg Scramble with Onions and Peppers (2), Banana Pecan Muffin

Rotisserie Chicken, Coleslaw

Rotisserie Chicken & Rutabaga Soup

Banana and Almonds Covered with Chocolate Chips and Coconut Milk

Calories 366 325 353 320 1364
Carbs (g)
11 11 26 31 79
Fat (g) 26 25 32 20 103
Protein (g) 24 18 26 7 75


Exercise Length Calories Burned - John
Calories Burned - Mandi
TapouT XT - Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs 63 min 823 503

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