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TapouT XT Day Eighty Five - Muay Thai

Apr 7, 2013
by Mandi

It was another busy day but that didn't keep us from TapouT XT. When I hit a good stopping point we put the Muay Thai DVD in. We are both sick so it was a toss up to how we'd do today. I managed to muster up some super human strength and power through the entire workout. Mandi hit a wall early and struggled the entire time. These workouts are tough but brutal when you're under the weather. This lead to her second guessing the decision to add the additional week of workouts, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Mandi did admit that this was one of her favorite routines, mine too, if not my all time favorite. She gets major credit for sticking through the entire workout. Muay Thai isn't the hardest but it is one that is a ton of fun. We normally encourage each other if needed but today I was just making sure Mandi didn't fall out. I really like the striking and I find myself putting more behind them each time we do this routine. This is definitely one we will be using in the future to keep ourselves in shape.

After our workout we grabbed a nice long shower then got back to work. I have a small project I needed to start and Mandi wanted to get in some more cooking. The hours sort of flew by but at least we were able to watch one tv show before going to bed. Working all weekend is a drag but at least we were both home most of the time so we were together, sort of. Things should be slowing down, or they will get ignored, so we can get in some quality time.

Daily Log

John Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff Brain Power Smoothie Pickle Chicken Salad, Pecans, Carrot
Chicken Tikka Masala
Calories 970 333 748 35 2086
Carbs (g)
45 12 40 8 105
Fat (g) 88 22 54 0 164
Protein (g) 16 21 46 0 83


Mandi Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff
Brain Power Smoothie

Pickle Chicken Salad

Chicken Tikka Masala


Calories 970 170 499 30 1669
Carbs (g)
45 2 27 7 81
Fat (g) 88 11 36 0 135
Protein (g) 16 16 31 0 63


Exercise Length Calories Burned - John
Calories Burned - Mandi
TapouT XT - Muay Thai 41 min 584 300

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