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TapouT XT Day Eighty - Plyo XT

Apr 2, 2013
by Mandi

Well, Mandi couldn't fight off the allergy beast any longer. It hit her full force and I can tell she feels horrible. She dressed up to work out anyway, what a trooper, but at about 15 minutes into Plyo XT she was done. Not only is TapouT XT tough but Plyo is one of the toughest routines. She decided to take a long shower while I pushed onward. It's hard to describe the difficulty of this routine but man does it pound the lower body. I stuck it out pretty good and finished fairly strong. Without Mandi, it's easy to slack a little so everytime I caught myself slipping I kicked it into high gear.

The groiners, our normal trouble spot, still had me struggling a little but I finished them out really strong. My pace is somewhat slower than I think it should be but I'm focusing on doing them the entire time, speeding it up will come with more time. We both aren't fans of the 180 elbows so that was one of the places I caught myself slacking a bit. Normally I follow Mandi's lead so without her today it was easy to get distracted.

With Mandi sick, we decided it would be best to stay home tonight. It was the last night her brother and family will be in town but she was just couched. I had a bunch of catching up to do, this blog for one, so it was nice to be just the two of us. I worked away at the computer while Mandi took it easy. With some hot tea she was able to make it until bedtime. I'm hoping she can beat this back to finish out this round of TapouT XT strong, there are only three more workouts left!

Daily Log

John Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff Fried Eggs (2), Pork Sausage (2), Banana Pecan Muffin, Grapefruit (1/2) Green Smoothie, Pickle Chicken Salad, Coleslaw
Italian Chicken Sausage over Spaghetti Squash Almonds, Banana and Chocolate Chips in Coconut Milk  
Calories 499 484 464 370 1817
Carbs (g)
21 24 42 32 119
Fat (g) 36 34 16 25 111
Protein (g) 25 28 46 7 106


Mandi Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff
None Pickle Chicken Salad, Coleslaw, Valencia Orange
Italian Chicken Sausage over Spaghetti Squash Almonds, Banana and Chocolate Chips in Coconut Milk  
Calories 0 451 464 445 1360
Carbs (g)
0 32 42 41 115
Fat (g) 0 28 16 30 74
Protein (g) 0 25 46 8 79


Exercise Length Calories Burned - John
Calories Burned - Mandi
TapouT XT - Plyo XT 51 min 737 124

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