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TapouT XT Day Sixty - Yoga XT

Mar 13, 2013
by Mandi

Today's Yoga XT was a welcomed reprieve. The last three days of TapouT XT have been solid pulse pounding workouts. I expected the hidden challenges in this program but boy was I ready to get my stretch on. Now, as I've said before, Yoga XT is no walk in the park. Really mastering the cobra to downward then upward dogs have taken a long time. We keep our knees off the ground and stay in proper form. The side plank leg lifts are one of the toughest moves in all of TapouT. I'm eons from where we started but I still struggle and can't complete the entire move. I break form for a couple of seconds then get right back into it. I never quit but I still can't power through it.

Mandi is a Yoga champ and struggles sometimes depending on the day but I can tell she's starting to get a little bored with this routine. When we start round 2 maybe we'll mix it up by attending a Yoga class in lieu of the DVD. We also talked about substituting other Yoga DVDs in too. We have friends that have P90X so maybe we'll try that. I actually like the TapouT Yoga routine but I am someone that doesn't get bored by doing the same thing. We'll see.

The big news is today is day 60. This is the last milestone before completing the program. I like the fact that it is also a Yoga day. Thinking of centering the mind, body and spirit while achieving a goal is rather provocative, at least to me. It's nice to sit and reflect instead of standing on top screaming yahoo. This is really just another day in our fitness journey, the significance is remaining committed for 60 straight days. With a lifetime to go, today is grand and small, albeit, a happy one. Enough of that, on to the results and review.

TapouT XT 60 Day Results and Review

With us both being numbers people let's get right to it.

John Wt Hips Chest Bicep Waist

Day 1


150 35.75 37.5  12 36.25

Day 30


144.25 34.5 35.5 12 34.5

Day 60


143 33.5 36.5 12.25 33


Mandi Wt Hips Chest Bicep Waist

Day 1


134 35 36.5 11 32

Day 30


130 33.75 35.5 11 31.25

Day 60


128 33.75 34.5 11 30.25


Again, our results aren't setting any kind of world records, any records for that matter. It's been slow and steady and our goal of loosing fat is inching closer, pun intended. I lost another pound and Mandi shed two. I also managed to loose another inch from my hips but Mandi's remained the same size. My chest has grown an inch, not man boobs, and Mandi lost another. Mandi's bicep remained the same size and I added a whopping quarter inch. The real money comes in at our waists, I lost an inch and a half and Mandi lost one.

Compared to before we started, I have lost 7 pounds while Mandi has lost 6. I've removed 2.25 inches from my hips, Mandi 1.25. Mandi has lost 2 inches from her chest and I 1. Our biceps are really the same except for my paltry .25 inch gain. My waist has shrunken 3.25 inches and Mandi's is 1.75 inches smaller. Overall I have a net loss of 6.25 inches and Mandi 5. Of course we have only tracked the areas TapouT listed so our total inches lost is higher.

Considering how we feel and how loose our clothes have become we are extremely happy with our results. I'm exactly the same weight I was after the last time I started to get into shape but yet I'm on a smaller belt hole.  I also had to buy a new pair of suit pants a size smaller for a meeting because of how large my existing pants were. I couldn't have done that before, I tried and it wasn't pretty, I'm just glad they still make the same suit. I forgot to check my dress belt so it was loose since there aren't any more holes. The bottom line is we have more mass than before so that is a big improvement.

As far as TapouT XT, I'm just as happy today as the day it arrived. It is a fantastic program that is the best choice we could have made to kick off our fitness goals. There are times it is tough, really tough, but giving it everything at each moment is doing it right. We both are on our way to meeting our fitness goals. We are planning on a round 2, with maybe some schedule modifications, and then possibly moving on to TapouT XT2. We can't say for sure what we'll be doing down the road but the intensity, challenge, motivation and results from TapouT XT have made a long lasting impression. I see why the people in the infomercials for any exercise program are devotees. Finding that groove is intoxicating and evangelism inevitably follows. Simply, TapouT XT is just awesome, as long as you come and get it.

Daily Log

John Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff Fried Eggs (2), Turkey Sausage (2), Banana Pecan Muffin (1/2), Grapefruit (1/2)
Green Smoothie (1/2), Rotisserie Chicken and Rutabaga Soup, Coleslaw
Rotisserie Chicken, Bacon Salad Almonds, Blueberries and Chocolate Chips in Coconut Milk, Blood Orange, Pecans  
Calories 459 463 378 590 1890
Carbs (g)
21 37 8 39 105
Fat (g) 31 37 24 45 137
Protein (g) 25 25 30 9 89


Mandi Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff
Fried Eggs (2), Turkey Sausage (2), Banana Pecan Muffin (1/2)
Cobb Salad with Avocado and Blue Cheese Crumbles Rotisserie Chicken, Bacon Salad
Almonds, Blueberries and Chocolate Chips in Coconut Milk, Blood Orange  
Calories 428 487 403 314 1632
Carbs (g)
12 13 8 28 61
Fat (g) 32 31 26 20 109
Protein (g) 23 45 32 6 106


Exercise Length Calories Burned - John
Calories Burned - Mandi
TapouT XT - Yoga XT 51 min 429 182

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