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TapouT XT Day Two - Strength & Force Upper

Jan 14, 2013
by Mandi

Today I just couldn't wait to do TapouT XT. I pulled everything together before Mandi got home so we could jump right into it.  The Strength & Force Upper workout uses the resistance bands a lot.  We found ourselves wanting to use the same band so that lead to some frustration.  I thought I could use a harder one but found that fifteen minutes in I was fatigued and struggling.  The band that came with the program is not strong enough but I did several exercises with it after I burned myself out, and it was kicking my cornholio!  By the end we were alternating who had what band and were modifying like crazy.  This program really sets the bar high and I really see why Mike, the creator and instructor, says you get what you put into it.

After Strength & Force Upper we put in the Ultimate Abs DVD.  I felt like it was pure 15 minutes of kicking the out of shape horse to death.  It was the end to a definite beat down for sure.  I loved it, although I was frustrated with my performance which I should be on day 2.  We knew starting with a program like this would be difficult to almost impossible at times.  Watching TV and lifting the remote a hundred times a night doesn't do jack so a program like this is exactly what we need.

Day two lesson learned is we still need a better mat.  The Yoga mats aren't cutting it.  My knees, elbows and forearms are getting bruised.  We have a 1 3/8 Wrestling & Gymnastics Roll Out Mat (5' x 10') on order so hopefully it will be soft enough.  If not, I don't know what we're going to do. We also need more resistance bands, specifically a couple of light ones to use until we can work up to the medium(+) ones we already own.

After dinner we immediately went to Sports Authority and bought more bands.  I'm not sure if we will need them for Plyo XT tomorrow but I want to be prepared.  Before we started the program I had read posts from TapouT XT graduates that additional bands are needed but I assumed what we had would work.  I should have figured out that if the band it came with was very easy then maybe I might need a lighter one to start, dense I guess.  We had already picked up a leg strap set so I recommend checking those out too.

Daily Log

John Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff Fiber One 80 Cereal, Fat-Free Milk, Scrambled Egg Lima Beans and Brown Rice, Medium Apple, Almonds Broccoli, Whole Wheat Black Bean Quesadillas, 1/2 Avacado Small Banana, Celery Sticks with peanut butter, 1 piece Dark Chocolate  
Calories 298 481 734 362 1875
Carbs (g)
60 81 91 41 273
Fat (g) 7 11 31 19 68
Protein (g) 14 15 30 10 69


Mandi Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Totals
Food Stuff
Kashi Honey Toasted Oat Cereal, Fat-Free Milk Whole Wheat Bread, Turkey Breast, Cheese, and Tomato Broccoli, Whole Wheat Black Bean Quesadilla, 1/2 Avocado Small Apple, Celery Sticks, Honeydew Melon, Yogurt, Dark Chocolate (1 Square)  
Calories 300 319 720 296 1635
Carbs (g)
58 22 79 61 220
Fat (g) 3 13 34 4 54
Protein (g) 13 37 28 7 85


Exercise Length Calories Burned - John
Calories Burned - Mandi
TapouT XT - Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs 73 min 941 444

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