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Getting Ready for TapouT XT

Jan 8, 2013
by Mandi

Since our goal to go on the road the beginning of this year is probably not going to come to fruition, we thought it would be a good idea to get into better shape while we are preparing.  Not being a victim of infomercials, any commercial for that matter, I somehow fell under the spell of TapouT XT and hypnotized Mandi shortly there after.  We don't do the new year resolution thing so timing is a coincidence, mostly since the world didn't end and we need to be healthier.  We both wouldn't mind loosing around 10 pounds but our focus is to improve our overall fitness levels and drop some unnecessary inches.

Why TapouT XT?

There are plenty of programs available but TapouT XT really appeals to us.  We are not the weight lifting types so a whole body Calisthenic approach is definitely our style.  We do own a couple of TRX suspension trainers so once we reach our goals, after completing the program one or two times, we might mix the two together for continued fitness maintenance.  We are new to the 90 day DVD programs so we'll see how this program works and how well we like this type of regimen.

Choosing the program really came down to how fun it looked and what equipment we needed.  It does require resistance bands but those are fairly small and would not add unnecessary weight to the camper when we're on the road.  I had previously owned a pair of Power Blocks, which were great dumbbells, but I ended up using resistance bands for a lot of my overhead work in fear of cracking my skull while I worked out alone.  They did help me get into better shape, which I have almost lost entirely, so I recommend them to anyone who is in search of a good set of dumbbells.   Be warned - they are expensive!

While I was doing the home dumbbell workout Mandi was a member of our friends' group fitness gym, Good Friends Group Fitness.  She started getting great results from the high intensity cardio but like all memberships she started missing classes which resulted in us attempting to do our own thing for when we're on the road.  Almost two years later we have re-gained half of what we had lost so it's time to get off our butts and do something.

One morning I turned the TV on for background noise while I was programming and the TapouT XT infomercial was running.  I watched most of the remaining show and made a note to look into it.  A couple of days after Christmas Mandi told me it's time to start exercising again, I agreed and plundered through my notebook looking for the illegible scribble.  A little internet research later we decided Tapout XT would be good enough for what we want to achieve and if we reach the atypical results then great.  It's an all inclusive functional fitness program so it should be all we'll need to do.

Setting the Start Date

We received TapouT XT today so we'll review all of the material and probably watch the DVDs we'll be using for the first ten days to get an idea of what exercises we'll be doing.  I'm one of the worst at mirrored examples so I need to break the moves down.  Mandi is a pro so when I'm confused I'll just copy her but this will be fast paced so I need to do some homework.   I'll also scan the diet plan to see if it's something we'll follow so I'll post on that in the next few days.

We will be attending a wedding in the coming weeks so we'll probably start this Sunday, the 13th, to have our rest day fall on the day of the wedding.  We're getting excited, what dorks!

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