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Forty Two Month Status Report

Nov 28, 2018
by John

Again we find guidance from our titles of old, gleaning the wisdom so slight in their folds. The obvious from oblivious, truths from the less serious, subconsciously leaked and consciously told. Those things we see clearly, abstractly portrayed, ones our hearts will forever be beholden to hold. Lessons for life, or just simply some prose, from our 42 months of life on the road.

Salar de Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia

Right there is where we are

Some Basic Stats

Total Miles Driven: 47,015 (75,663 Kilometers)

Gallons of Diesel: 3,252 (12,310 Liters)

Average MPG: 14.5 (16.2 Liters per 100 Kilometers)

Best MPG: 18.5

Worst MPG: 9.8

Average Cost Per Gallon of Diesel: $3.18

# Nights Spent in the Van: 913 (71%)

# Nights Spent Elsewhere: 367 (22 afloat, 11 house sitting, 102 mooching off of friends and family, 232 in a hotel/apartment/rental home)

What We've Learned

Seizing the Day

Of course we all strive to seize each day, we go about it a little differently. Instead of trying to maximize what we are experiencing or accomplishing, we simply try to fulfill our current desires. Many times that means doing absolutely nothing, and many times those have proven to be some of the best days. Staying in what is the equivalent to pajamas, what we refer to as "house clothes", the entire day is quite wonderful...even for those of us that live in vehicles.

From the Streets to the Wilderness

The more we bounce between towns and parks, the more we see the need for a balance between human civilization and the rest of life on earth. We not only want less, we want to impact less. There is no reason we cannot coexist with our furry brothers and sisters while also respecting those that do not breath air. The planet is a stunningly beautiful place, it's time to fix the problems caused by our pesky human race.

Behold, Our Eyes See Beauty

Pulling back the veil of superficiality exposes much more of ourselves and our true desires. It isn't easy making a way in the current world, the compounded difficulty of achieving that in which we believe seems not plausible. Baby steps, much like the process chanted by that annoying Bob, has been our most successful approach. Nothing was built in a day, well nothing any of us has ever learned about.

Reaching New Heights

In almost every type of life, remaining open for growth or change is rather difficult. The ease of a daily routine eventually closes us off to virtually everything else. We aren't advocating every one go base jumping or even drive the Pan-American Highway, more a suggestion to try and mix things up a little from time to time. It's impossible to experience new things, or provoke some positive growth, when doing the same old, same old.

Never Pass on the Right

Usually the rules are there for a reason, especially if we think the rule is stupid to begin with. As a member of a collective society it is important to try and live according to that society. Sure, don't lemming yourself off a cliff, but don't smash the head of your lemming neighbor to steal his fly car either. When considered, most of what is required is just basic consideration and courteousness. When the opportunity arises to be able to change or influence society in a manner that will benefit all, do it, those other times...don't be a dick.

Quitting Has Never Felt So Good

The biggest takeaway from 42 months of travel is confidence. Not the "I'm going to win the big game and take the head cheerleader home" kind of confidence, more the "we can handle or overcome pretty much anything" kind. Life goes on, making everything that doesn't end life overcome-able or alterable. Deciding to switch gears, or quitting, isn't the negative path that is so popularly proposed. Doing what one wants is much harder than just going along.

Say what? (3)
George Penick
Nov 28, 2018 at 10:12 AM
so where to next? Quitting has never felt so good kind of got me?
George Penick
Nov 28, 2018 at 10:13 AM
quitting never sounded so good? No......
Dec 6, 2018 at 02:46 PM
Hey George,

That is in refrence to calling it quits in Bolivia and entering Argentina much earlier than planned. We are still heading south in Argentina and Chile. We more wanted to express the courage of changing plans instead of just going along with what everyone else does. Take care.
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