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John and Mandi

us --> van --> overland
7 yrs and 6 days - end of the road

USA (20)

Cold Chillin’ in Glaicer

Jul 4, 2015
in: USA

Moving on is difficult at times. We were nestled quite comfortably at Tower Falls in Yellowstone. It is a wonderful campground (only pit toilets if you are considering it), our camp host the most exceptional. Again, reaching the point of needing a...

Finding Solace While Chasing Wolves

Jun 27, 2015
in: USA

Deciding we were in need of a soak, we pointed the van to Granite Creek Hot Springs on our way north from Bryce Canyon. We tried to locate a primitive hot spring but struck out, settling for a developed pool was still quite soothing. At $6.00 per...

Saved by the Promised Land

Jun 15, 2015
in: USA

Visiting Zion at the moment we did was perfect. We had become weary of the desert and, while the North Rim provided us with a reprieve, we were in need of more trees and water, lots of trees and water. We entered the park from the east, a wonderful...

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

Jun 11, 2015
in: USA

Leaving Expo West we knew we had to be in San Diego in about four days. Wanting to slow down, proverbially smelling the roses and all, we decided we should pick one major destination and see if we have time for anything else.  After a bit of...
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