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7 yrs and 6 days - end of the road

USA (20)

Expenses: Florida Visit

Jun 19, 2017

Parking the van in Costa Rica and returning to Florida to visit friends and family was always part of our itinerary. While we didn't know when or for how long, the flexibility proved useful when our steering pump decided it had endured enough abuse...

Standing on a Precipice

Dec 22, 2015
in: Ujoint, USA

The van was showing some sickness signs while we were in Yosemite so we decided to skip Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon, heading straight to the home of Victoria and Jason - Neli’s Big Adventure . The high dose of great friends...

Expenses: USA Lower 48

Dec 8, 2015

Adding up our expenditures for the lower 48 has us a bit freaked out. We ended our time in the States mooching off of our sister outside San Diego while the van was having a major repair. In total we spent $18,664.99, $135.25 per day, over the 138...

Six Month Status Report

Nov 23, 2015

We crossed the six month milestone a couple of weeks ago so we figured it would be fun to toss up some travel stats. In tribute to those who have to endure status meetings, especially the epic Monday morning paint the walls with your brain weekly...

Alaska and Canada, Our Opinion

Nov 6, 2015

It's been roughly 2 months since we concluded the Alaskan portion of our trip. We traversed somewhere between 7,500 and 8,000 miles in Canada and Alaska during the 10 weeks we spent there. While mathematically that breaks out to be less than 120...

Expenses: Alaska

Oct 30, 2015

In total we spent $6,073.80, $134.97 per day, during the 45 days we were in Alaska. We rightly expected to be well above the $60-$80 per day estimate considering the high cost of goods and the number of miles it would take to explore the largest US...
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