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7 yrs and 6 days - end of the road

TapouT XT (93)

TapouT XT Day Ninety - Cardio XT

Apr 12, 2013

We were hoping to glide into the finish line but with today being a Cardio XT day we knew that wasn't going to happen. However, that didn't dissuade us one bit. We both dug real deep and hammered out what we could and hung on through the rest. It...

TapouT XT Day Eighty Nine - Sprawl & Brawl

Apr 11, 2013

Sprawl & Brawl is a tough one so we knew we were in for a solid round of TapouT XT today. We both really like it but man was it especially hard. We got our push-up desire fulfilled but I was barely making it through them. Mandi was doing great...

TapouT XT Day Eighty Eight - Competition Core

Apr 10, 2013

The saga of the suffering sick continued today. We've come this far so there was no turning back, once we got home we started TapouT XT. For some reason I was thinking it was a Cross Core Combat day, nope, Competition Core. It really didn't matter...

TapouT XT Day Eighty Seven - Plyo XT

Apr 9, 2013

Getting home I knew I was going to be in for a long workout. I felt pretty run down all day and I was spent by the time we made it to the house. Sticking to TapouT XT , we put in Plyo XT and we gave it a go. I haven't received a beat down like...

TapouT XT Day Eighty Six - Buns & Guns

Apr 8, 2013

When we got home after work we quickly got into Buns & Guns. It was going to be another busy evening so we knew we needed to get started right away. This is the shortest of all of the TapouT XT workouts so it flew by. I did manage to snap my...

TapouT XT Day Eighty Five - Muay Thai

Apr 7, 2013

It was another busy day but that didn't keep us from TapouT XT . When I hit a good stopping point we put the Muay Thai DVD in. We are both sick so it was a toss up to how we'd do today. I managed to muster up some super human strength and power...
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