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John and Mandi

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7 yrs and 6 days - end of the road

TapouT XT (93)

TapouT XT Day Eighty Four - Rest

Apr 6, 2013

Today should have been a day of rest but since we've been running around most of the week we are a bit behind. I had some loose ends to work on so Mandi graciously volunteered to get our shopping done. She also has been trying to find a pair of tan...

TapouT XT Day Eighty Three - Cardio XT

Apr 5, 2013

The last workout in round 1 of TapouT XT had to be Cardio XT. It's my least favorite and the one that pounds me the most. I say the last workout but we'll be repeating this week to reach a full 90 days but as for the schedule this is the last one....

TapouT XT Day Eighty Two - Sprawl & Brawl

Apr 3, 2013

Mandi couldn't take being on the sidelines any longer so she decided to work out today. We both really like Sprawl & Brawl, it's a tough one. Even being sick, Mandi managed to power through most everything. She did have to sit out one move to...

TapouT XT Day Eighty One - Competition Core

Apr 3, 2013

Today had me battling Competition Core by myself. Mandi is still sick so she took it easy while I jumped into TapouT XT . This is a great routine and one I look forward to. Today I was a bit tired but that didn't hold me back. I was hammering out...

TapouT XT Day Eighty - Plyo XT

Apr 2, 2013

Well, Mandi couldn't fight off the allergy beast any longer. It hit her full force and I can tell she feels horrible. She dressed up to work out anyway, what a trooper, but at about 15 minutes into Plyo XT she was done. Not only is TapouT XT tough...

TapouT XT Day Seventy Nine - Buns & Guns

Apr 2, 2013

Today was a busy day since I was starting a new job and Mandi was turning in her letter of resignation. Transitioning back from working at home to a traditional office could be quite stressful but today was exactly the opposite. It felt really good...
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