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John and Mandi

us --> van --> overland
7 yrs and 6 days - end of the road

TapouT XT (93)

TapouT XT Day Seventy Eight - Muay Thai

Mar 31, 2013

We jumped right into TapouT XT first thing this morning. Muay Thai is the first workout in the final week. It's one we both enjoy so we gave it everything we had. The one legged tucks-ins were the only spot that had us slowing down at all. We both...

TapouT XT Day Seventy Seven - Rest

Mar 31, 2013

We started today with our usual kitchen extravaganza. We wanted to get a lot of our cooking out of the way so we would have time to spend with visiting family. There were plans to go to the Florida Caverns but we opted out to spend the afternoon and...

TapouT XT Day Seventy Six - Sprawl & Brawl

Mar 29, 2013

Corbin's little heart had enough and gave out today. He wasn't feeling well and wouldn't eat anything, not even his favorite treats. I called the vet and made an 11:30 appointment so he could be assessed but more than likely for anesthetization....

TapouT XT Day Seventy Five - Legs & Back

Mar 28, 2013

Corbin came home today! I called the vet to check on him and they said he didn't eat anything for them but they felt he was stable enough to come home. They said he was coughing, but that's due to the amount of fluids they pumped into him to combat...

TapouT XT Day Seventy Four - Yoga XT

Mar 27, 2013

The priority today was getting to the vet to check on Corbin. I wanted to make sure he was doing better and on the road to recovery. Fortunately he is, we are ecstatic. I spent about 45 minutes with him as he tried to persuade me to take him home....

TapouT XT Day Seventy Three - Cross Core Combat

Mar 26, 2013

Corbin started the day by getting sick out of both ends so we took him back to the vet. Apparently the changes we made to combat his Pulmonary Edema have mildly dehydrated him and given him a case of Pancreatitis. He will be spending the next couple...
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