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John and Mandi

us --> van --> overland
7 yrs and 6 days - end of the road

Life Shit (6)

Time Passed and Times to Come

Feb 13, 2015

We've landed squarely in a stall. The JaMvan has been acting a bit peculiar, requiring a trip back to Ujoint Offroad for some doctoring. Her recent wheezing and grumbling cannot be ignored. Our hope to be completed with the build by the end of the...

100 days and 100 Nights

Jan 22, 2015

  Calmness is sparse as anxiety courses, thoughts gasping for certainty. Time imposing, looming, laughing... taunting. Wretchedness, disdain induced from such an inanimate existence. Sweat overwhelms the brow, the stinging eye relents....

New Year's Thoughts

Jan 1, 2015

Even as I stand pondering the passing of a year, arbitrarily assigned and observed, I contemplate accepting that I am not so different from the masses. Many yearn to be special, individual, a unique and beautiful snowflake. And yet, that yearning is...

Locking the Door, One Last Time

Nov 24, 2014

The sale of our home is a gigantic step towards beginning our Pan-American trip. It's probably the largest obstacle we've faced up to this point. It's also the hardest thing we have had to do during our preparation. Getting rid of the majority of...

Freaking the Freak Out

Nov 11, 2014

In less than two weeks our house sale will be finalized. We've been living in an in-between state for so long it hasn't really sunken in. Just before we put our house on the market we moved into the living room, partly due to the unexpected sale of...
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