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John and Mandi

us --> van --> overland
7 yrs and 6 days - end of the road

Expenses (20)

Expenses: Guatemala

Jan 7, 2017

The original plan was to stay in Guatemala for the full 90 day CA-4 visa, then get an extension before continuing on to El Salvador. Our new tire expedition to Belize meant we had a shiny new CA-4 and a great excuse to rent an apartment at Pasaj Cap...

Expenses: Belize Revisited

Oct 3, 2016

During our second foray to Belize, precipitated by the need for four new tires, we managed to spend $ 2,777.65, $102.88 per day, over 27 days. Ironically, these numbers are eerily close to our previous visit , being inflated this time due to the...

Expenses: Belize

Jul 1, 2016

When we started plotting our points of interest for Belize it became apparent we were probably going to exceed our projected budget. The richness in diversity extends well past ethnicity, making Belize a great place to partake in tours. In total,...

Expenses: Baja

Feb 3, 2016

We spent $2,501.10, $42.39 per day, during the 59 days we spent in Baja. It was great to finally get a reprieve from the higher costs of the U.S. and Canada. We ended up shipping earlier than expected so we missed swimming with the whale sharks and...

Expenses: USA Lower 48

Dec 8, 2015

Adding up our expenditures for the lower 48 has us a bit freaked out. We ended our time in the States mooching off of our sister outside San Diego while the van was having a major repair. In total we spent $18,664.99, $135.25 per day, over the 138...
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