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Belize (6)

Expenses: Belize Revisited

Oct 3, 2016

During our second foray to Belize, precipitated by the need for four new tires, we managed to spend $ 2,777.65, $102.88 per day, over 27 days. Ironically, these numbers are eerily close to our previous visit , being inflated this time due to the...

There and Back Again, Belize Tire Run

Sep 14, 2016
in: Belize

There are directions, and there is direction. One determines the course for the other. We had been needing a new set of tires ever since we experienced our first failure right before leaving Mexico, our original plan was to replace them in Colombia....

Expenses: Belize

Jul 1, 2016

When we started plotting our points of interest for Belize it became apparent we were probably going to exceed our projected budget. The richness in diversity extends well past ethnicity, making Belize a great place to partake in tours. In total,...
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