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New Year's Thoughts

Jan 1, 2015
by Mandi

Take a bite out of life!

Take a bite out of life!

Even as I stand pondering the passing of a year, arbitrarily assigned and observed, I contemplate accepting that I am not so different from the masses. Many yearn to be special, individual, a unique and beautiful snowflake. And yet, that yearning is shared and blurs the imagined peculiarities.

To consider a unit of time, at an instructed time, is a learned behavior, ineffectual in and of itself. But here we are. And as if on cue, and resultant from lemming-like behavior, I ponder as done by those before and about me.

The illusory prospect of individuality, ludicrous in its allure, impractical in application. Better to revel in being part of the rabble and relish the idiosyncratic bits that reinvigorate.

To end one passage and begin another. A prospect for rejuvenation. A journey for contentment. To find joy in the passing of time rather than an impression of loss and a nagging sense of squander.

To accomplish the day with appreciation and fulfillment is to surpass the mundane, to live life well, a life that is uncommon; perhaps the root of the pursuit of originality.

A meandering made less formidable by the acceptance that each thing that is done is not unique in its doing, but only in the seasoning imbibed by the doer.

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