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100 days and 100 Nights

Jan 22, 2015
by John

100 days until launch

100 days until launch


Calmness is sparse as anxiety courses,

thoughts gasping for certainty.

Time imposing,

looming, laughing... taunting.


disdain induced from such an inanimate existence.

Sweat overwhelms the brow,

the stinging eye relents.

Clenching, clawing, adrift in torment,

the mind pressing against itself.


it comes.



a beacon.

Grasp it,

listen- follow.

What conquest is sought?


warm and comforting...benign.

Elicit change,

an adventurous spirit,

enemy of most.


fall into self,

heavy with being,



Contentment is encroaching,

desperation not willingly sequestered.

Lunging from within the bowels of fear,

regaining its position of torture.

It speaks in uncertain tone,


Quite possibly,

a possibility.

Not ever.

Another eventual wave of uncertainty,


This cycle of dying reason,

embraced in courage.


100 days and 100 nights,

then time to let go.


Say what? (2)
Sri Kanth
Jan 23, 2015 at 09:51 AM
Very nice. This is the first post I came across your blog which is poetic. Whose work is this? John or Mandi or both ?
Jan 23, 2015 at 09:55 AM
Hey Sri,

I wrote it and had Mandi edited it. Poetry is something I wish to rekindle as we travel the Pan-Am. Thank-you.
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