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John and Mandi

us --> van --> overland
2,412 days a wanderin'

Expenses: Colombia

Mar 2, 2018

Over the 163 days we spent in Colombia our expenses totaled $10,278.83, $63.06 per day. The amount we spent per day exploring the country is lower since $2,114.56 is directly attributed to getting ourselves and the van around the Darien Gap . That...

Getting Our Fix, Zona Cafetera

Jan 5, 2018

Coffee, one of the five major food groups. A keystone of civilization, once a causation of war. A great cup can change a life, as can a crappy one. So much has happened over a cup of Joe. Morning, afternoon, or night...there is no end to its...

Thirty Month Status Report

Nov 2, 2017

Another six months passed, eventfully so. Statistically, not much different than all the time now of old. The ebbs, the flows, the triumphs, the lows, the eventuality of changes and the differences they pose. To us, it is apparent that we have...
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